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Price: $19.49
Item Number: BKLV-4

Every gift package of our Baklava contains four honey-drenched, mouth-watering slices of the traditional Greek dessert — totaling one whole pound of tummy-filling, finger-licking, lip-smacking yumminess!

Each slice is carefully packaged in our special compartmentalized shipping container that is then sealed in a plastic bag, packed in a sturdy box and sent out by Priority Mail — fresh from our oven straight to the doorstep of the lucky recipient. Our Baklava arrives fresh, intact and fully ready to be devoured!

*All our baklava is homemade and shipped fresh from our kitchen. We make every effort to package the baklava carefully, but it may be jostled during transit as your nosy mail carrier is liable to shake your box to try and figure out what exactly is in it. When the package is opened, some of the filo dough may have flaked off and the honey may have oozed a bit, but do not worry — it is perfectly fine and still delicious.

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